Cockatoo named Sunshine available for adoption

Adoptable Male Cockatoo
Adoptable Male Cockatoo
Adoptable Male Cockatoo


Looks Like: Cockatoo
Age: Adult
Color: White
Sex: Male

Special Criteria
Sanctuary Visit Required

Sunshine has been working hard on his manners; it's the only way for him to get the companionship he so desperately desires. Born in 1970, Sunshine is a sulfur-crested cockatoo, who came from a housing project in Boston. He's so sociable that we know that what he really wants is a home. But his behavior is going to need a tune-up first. Sunshine likes to bite and lunge in order to get a rise out of people. It's clear that he's actually just trying to reach out and interact. He doesn't understand why no one else thinks these games are fun. So Sunshine is working on this. Positive reinforcement training, as well as lots of patience and love, is helping to recondition him into a better-behaved bird, so he can be what he so desperately wants to be: somebody's constant companion.