Optional conference tracks on a variety of topics

The 2017 conference sessions are divided into eight main categories called “tracks.” You can pick and choose sessions from different tracks, or follow one track to increase your overall education on a particular topic.

Look for these icons on the official conference agenda page.

Show me the money

They say money can’t buy happiness, but if happiness is saving the lives of homeless pets, then “they” might be wrong. The more resources you have, the more lives you’re able to save. These sessions address everything from traditional direct-mail appeals to digital fundraising strategies. Get the lowdown on what donors and grant reviewers are looking for and watch the lifesaving funds roll in.

Powerhouse programming

Saving more lives and getting to no-kill takes creativity and strategic thinking across the full spectrum of lifesaving practices. This track has sessions on implementing community cat programs, coping with compassion fatigue and engaging the whole community in saving lives, just to name a few. You'll walk away inspired and equipped to transform traditional rescue and sheltering efforts into powerhouse programming.

Master tactics

If you’re an animal welfare veteran, or perhaps a seasoned leader who's new to animal welfare, this track is for you. These sessions dig into higher-level topics such as advanced digital tactics, strategic planning, and ways to grow the leadership and lifesaving capacity of your organization. Come learn some masterful methods from some masters of the no-kill universe, and get your neurons firing.

Best practices in animal care

When you’re faced with kittens, cats, puppies and dogs as far as the eye can see, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of the end goal: setting them up for success and finding loving new homes for them. Great animal care takes passion, but also expertise. These sessions tackle behavioral support for dogs and cats, creative fostering solutions, stress reduction techniques and more. You’ll learn best practices in the field and feel empowered to help the animals in your care.

Essentials for no-kill communities

Seeking a blueprint for building a no-kill community? Then look no further. The information provided in these sessions can enhance your lifesaving efforts and speed your progress toward no-kill. Topics include how to foster collaboration, why data is so important to achieving no-kill and how to advocate for animals through legislation. Every one of these sessions covers a no-kill essential.

Marketing and communications unleashed

Sessions on social media, digital media, traditional media — we’ve got it all. Your communications and marketing strategy determines whether you're simply making an impression or making an impact. Voice, brand, imagery, media budgets and management of the occasional crisis are all on the table in this track. Join us for some engaging sessions that will add magic and momentum to your public image.

Achieving No-Kill: Regional Case Studies

Across the nation, in communities large and small, the march to no-kill is happening. From the Golden State to the Sunshine State, the Garden State to the Beehive State, the Peach State to the Prairie State, you can find big cities, rural towns and everything in between progressing toward the goal of saving every healthy, adoptable pet in our shelters. Come learn what no-kill actually looks like and what you need to know to make it happen in your corner of the country.

The Road to 2025: Regional Lifesaving Workshops 

Getting to no-kill requires localized, focused efforts in every region of the country. And these interactive workshops are a great way to get involved. You'll meet fellow animal lovers, advocates and experts from your area; delve into the nature and needs of homeless pets in your region; and help craft local and regional action plans. Go local, get involved and leave inspired.

Critical conversations: Interactive talks on lifesaving

Here’s your chance to discuss challenges and opportunities on our path to no-kill. These interactive sessions will explore some of the big ideas in animal welfare, including how language shapes the work we do, how we measure our success and how the landscape of our field is changing. We want to hear from you, so come talk in-depth with us about this incredible work we’re doing together.