Sponsor a Vicktory dog rescued from Michael Vick's Bad Newz Kennels

With astonishing courage and resilience, the pit bull terrier dogs rescued from the illegal dog fighting ring of NFL player Michael Vick – his so-called Bad Newz Kennels – have overcome unimaginable hard times. Their spirits and will to survive and thrive are strong and inspirational. They have shown the power of love, support and second chances at life.

Sponsoring a rescued dog from a fighting ring

Friends of the Vicktory dogs, the former Vick dogs who remain here at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, have the opportunity to sponsor one of these inspiring dogs as a gift for themselves or for someone else. Your sponsorship gift helps provide care and encouragement as the Vicktory dogs continue to recover and live happily in a safe and nurturing environment.

Purpose of your Vicktory dog sponsorship donation

In addition to providing direct support of the Vicktory dog you sponsor for ongoing care, rehabilitation and training, your sponsorship gift also shines a light on the fact that each dog is an individual and should be respected and treated as such.

Regardless of breed or background, each dog deserves the chance to heal from abuse, neglect and other challenging circumstances, and the opportunity to be loved and to return love in the process.