Take a Sanctuary dog on an outing!

Volunteer shifts must be scheduled as far in advance as possible. Each animal area has a maximum number of volunteers it can accommodate during each shift. To get started, please visit volunteers.bestfriends.org or contact the Sanctuary Volunteer Department at volunteers@bestfriends.org or 435-644-2001, ext. 4119.


We truly appreciate the wonderful work our volunteers do towards making a difference in the animals’ lives and would love to welcome you as a volunteer.

Take volunteering at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to an all-new level. Accompany one of our resident dogs on an outing.

One of our Dogtown residents, who has been approved for outings, would love to spend some time with you. The caregiver will give you activity options that are best suited for your canine companion. For your safety and the animal's safety, it is important to select activities from the options provided.

Rest assured, a good time will be had by all whether it's a hike in the canyon, a field trip to Angels Landing on Sanctuary property, or watching TV in your hotel, cottage or cabin.

Enjoy some time away from the animal care areas with that special dog for some extra one-on-one time. You never know, it may lead to a sleepover or even an adoption.

You or a member of your party must first volunteer for a shift in Dogtown per every Sanctuary visit, must not be traveling with your personal pets and all members of your party must meet the minimum volunteer age requirements for Dogtown (10+ years of age).

Sleepovers and/or outings into town may be limited around holidays and Kanab event days due to fireworks and large crowded events that present safety hazards for humans and animals. Sanctuary animals are not eligible for patio dining — please make alternate arrangements for meals.

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